Q: How long does it take to get a tattoo?
A: It takes between one and three minutes

Q: Is there any risk painting my skin?
A: No the ink we use is non-allergenic, non-toxic, water-based and all inks have FDA approved ingredients.

Q: Is it waterproof?
A: Yes, the ink dries instantly and is completely water proof in 30 minutes.

Q: Am I able to choose my own colors?
A: Yes, you may choose the color of your choice that you would like on your tattoo.

Q: Can we get a custom Stencil made?
A: Yes, custom Tat stencils can be designed for either a corporate event or special event or for whatever the occasion. The Stencil has to be ordered so we would need advance notice.

Q: How long will my Tattoo last?
A: With proper care it will last about five days but can last up to ten days or more.  However, it can be removed with baby oil, soap and water, or alcohol.

Q: Can you create Custom stencils for our event?
A: Yes we can develop a custom design if enough notice is given before the event.

Q: How do I maintain my Tattoo?
A: After bathing, powder your tattoo with baby powder or talc. Also, check out our " Tat Care " page to print out your own tat instructions.

Q: How do I arrange a party or event?
A: Contact us with the location and number of people expected to attend your party or event. Also let us know if this is a themed party or event. This way we can give you a quote and let you know if we are available for your party or event. Remember to Book Us Early, because our calender fills up quickly!

Q: Were can I put my Tattoos?
A: We can place them just about anywhere. We do reserve the right to decline tattooing in certain areas of the body. However we do aim to please.

Q: Is Cleaning for my Face Painting and Glitter Tattoos easy?
A: Clean up is easy, too -- soap and water does the trick for top-quality, professional face paints. Baby wipes also work, and are especially convenient for removing designs featuring special cosmetic grade polyester glitter. If desired, our waterproof hand-rendered cosmetic "black tribal tattoos" (shown on the gallery pages) can be immediately removed with alcohol or baby oil, but otherwise last up to a week.

Q: Are Glitter Tattoos waterproof?
A: Glitter tattoos are also waterproof, last a few days, and come off with alcohol or baby oil.

For Airbrush Tattoo Care please clikc the following link below